Top 3 Reasons To Use Audio Testimonials

Imagine hearing a sales pitch as part of a glossy, corporate advert – it might make you sit up and take notice but it won’t always guarantee a sales conversion because you’re well aware by now that adverts are designed to make goods and services look impressive.

Now, imagine you hear the same pitch but from an ordinary customer like yourself. They have no interest in communicating their positive experience other than a desire to help potential customers like you make the right consumer choice. The chances are, you’ll take what they have to say very seriously.Research detailed in this post shows how customer testimonials have become the most effectives means of content marketing. If your business isn’t using them, here’s three clinching arguments to start using them now.

1 – Customer testimonials have the highest effectiveness rating for all types of content marketing, with a converion rating of 89%
With such a strong conversion rate, why wouldn’t you invest in having some created? Find some happy customers and ask them to take a moment to record their positive experiences. Don’t put words in their mouths, just let them say what they feel is appropriate.
2 – A website visitor will stay an average of 2 minutes longer on a site after they’ve watched a testimonial video.
Once they’ve watched a testimonial video, the average website visitor will have been assured of the credibility of your product or services. They’re therefore much more likely to stay viewing your website for longer, and ultimately to become a customer.

3 – 79% of consumers trust customer reviews as much as personal recommendations.

We all trust a personal recommendation from a friend or colleague, but most people actually trust reviews from other customers just as much. Word of mouth is a great tool, but customer testimonials and reviews can reach thousands of people at once, so use them to amplify the positive things people are saying about your business.

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