How to improve your on-hold business messaging

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We’ve discussed the importance of on-hold messaging in the past, arguing that it’s one of the most cost-effective means of content marketing. Many of our clients ask our advice on messaging, whether it’s guidance with script-writing or suggesting which voice would work best for their business.

When putting your on-hold messaging together, it’s vital to keep it simple but engaging. Your customers don’t want to be bored when on-hold, as that’s a sure-fire way of them putting the telephone down and you losing potential business.

When drafting your scripts, ahead of voiceover recording, consider these points:

Are your messages succinct and to the point? If you’re hesitant to say ‘yes’, take another look at them. For your customer to listen to your message, it must give them what they want – cut out any unnecessary messaging and stick to what they need to know.

How long do you expect your customers to be on hold? 90% of callers with silence only on-hold hang up within 40 seconds, with music adding another 30 seconds to the hold time. Ensure your customer doesn’t hear the same message twice; record plenty of message options to keep their attention.

Who exactly are you targeting? It’s so important to not only ensure you’re delivering the right messages, but that you’re targeting the right people. Consider your current clients and whether your messaging is correctly targeted at them. We offer a range of voices from across the world, so consider whether you need something regional, national or even international. We’re bound to have a professional voiceover to suit your business needs.

Here at Voice Takeaway, we can help to ensure you’re getting the right message out to your customers. To discuss your on-hold messaging, give us a call on +00 (0)333 21 00 221 or email

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