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How to improve your on-hold business messaging

We’ve discussed the importance of on-hold messaging in the past, arguing that it’s one of the most cost-effective means of content marketing. Many of our clients ask our advice on messaging, whether it’s guidance with script-writing or suggesting which voice would work best for their business. When putting your on-hold messaging together, it’s vital to […]

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Useful Tips For Podcasting

In recent years, the popularity of podcasting has grown to unprecedented heights, with more individuals and businesses publishing podcast series than ever before. If you’ve considered starting your own podcast series, but are held back by nerves, or a fear of hearing your own voice played back on the recordings, we’re here to guide you […]

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The Great Podcast Renaissance

It’s no secret that we love all things audio, so we’ve been fascinated by the phenomenal rise in popularity of podcasts over the past decade. During that relatively short time, millions of podcasts have hit the market, making news, comedy, politics and more accessible to a huge market. Podcasts really arrived to the masses in […]

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