Is it time to get rid of business voicemail?

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Voicemail has got a bad reputation in recent years. We’re told people don’t like leaving messages and that most people don’t like listening to them either. So is business voicemail on its way out? Well, we don’t think so. In fact, in some cases voicemail can open up another avenue of communication between you and your customers.

If you treat your voicemail messaging as another part of your on-hold audio marketing, you could improve your customer service. But how?

In our opinion, every member of staff should have a personalised voicemail message. This lets customers calling know they have the right person and are therefore more likely to leave a message. You can record your own voicemail or have a professional voiceover do it for you.

Let’s be honest; it can be annoying to be kept on hold as a customer. That’s why we’d recommend giving callers the chance to request a call back; they can leave a voicemail message and you can call them back when you’re free. Just make sure you do give them that call back!

It’s not possible to answer the phone 24/7, so when it’s time to go home, send all calls directly to voicemail. Invest in a professionally recorded voicemail message and callers are more likely to leave a message.

Voicemail might seem a little old-fashioned to some in 2016, but it remains important for the growth of your business. It is an open form of communication and allows you to follow-up on all customer enquiries; without it, you’d lose that opportunity.

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