A Useful Guide To Voicing Your Video Game


The once-solitary pursuit of video-gaming has become a multi-million dollar global phenomenon in recent years. Gamers now expect a truly immersive experience when it comes to the games they play and voiceovers are a key part in keeping people playing for longer.

If you are a game developer, it’s worth taking the time to invest in creating a strong script and hiring a professional voiceover to really get the most from your game.

A developer’s guide to voiceovers

Learn what makes a good voiceover

At VoiceTakeaway, we are big believers that you, our client, should choose your preferred voice(s). But what makes the ‘right’ voice for your project? This is what it takes to be a voiceover, but more importantly, if you’re looking for a voice for your computer game, we’ll be on hand to help you every step of the way.

Our voices have been in the business for years; they can take direction, will listen to your needs and have multiple characters that will bring your script to life.

Write a fantastic script

It’ll come as no surprise that the success of a project can lie with the quality of the script. If you’re not comfortable writing, get a scriptwriter; it really is worth the investment. Voiceovers are seasoned storytellers, but you want them to tell the best story possible.

When writing a script, consider these questions:

  • Who are your characters?
  • What are the characters saying?
  • Why is there a voiceover at this point of the game?
  • Is the voiceover there to help the player(s)?

An engaging script is key if you want players to engage with your game, so it’s worth investing your time and money to make sure it is spot-on.

Listen to lots of demos

Professional voice actors will have a demo. This short piece of audio will give you an idea of what they can do with their voice. When looking for a voice actor for a game, you should hear a collection of characters that the actor can play. If your game has multiple characters, consider hiring a single voice who can perform all of them. Again, we are here to give you advice whenever you need it.

With video games now outgrowing the film industry, choosing the right voiceover artists for your project is vital.

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