Don’t Let Bad Audio Ruin Good Video

Vine, YouTube, Instagram. Videos are everywhere online. And what’s more, we really like them. 75% of people now share video content, and usually via social media.

But it’s not just videos of cute pets and street pranks that go viral. Business videos like adverts and infomercials can be just as effective. Just ask John Lewis!

So here’s the thing – how can you make an effective marketing video for your business without spending big dollars? The truth is, it’s not that hard. Getting hold of a half-decent HD video camera these days shouldn’t be too tricky, even if you need to borrow one, and if you don’t have video editing skills in house or a friend to help you out, there are video production companies who can step in for a relatively small fee.

Instead, what tends to let marketing videos down, especially those from smaller or independent businesses, is audio. The voice that’s recorded without a proper microphone. Or the monotone employee who’s failing to enthuse the viewer about your brand. Or even just the absence of an audio logo at the end of the video to remind customers of who you are. Good audio is often the missing link in the process of creating a hit marketing video.

Why does it matter? A website is 53 times more likely to appear on the first page of a search engine results page if it includes video. What’s more, 7 out of 10 people said their perception of a brand was positively altered after seeing interesting video content. So don’t just shrug and try to get away with sub-standard audio on your videos. Make sure you pay attention to it because it could be the difference between your video being perceived as slick and professional or just a bit amateur.

Make sure you use professional voice-over where appropriate, and find some custom-made music instead of some cheesy lobby music you downloaded for free. Try using audio effects if you’re trying to convey bold emotions like humour or drama and why not invest in an audio logo to capture the essence of your brand? If you think these investments will cost you too much, think again. You can find out more about our prices by browsing our products. Don’t let bad audio ruin good video!

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