5 Reasons To Use Presentation Audio

We’ve all sat through dry and dull presentations in our time, be it a client pitch, in a business meeting or at an interview. Whenever the content of the presentation is dull it can seriously harm its chances of success – so here’s a tip for spicing things up a bit and increasing your prospects of landing that client, job or the trust of your boss: use audio!
Many people are auditory in nature, so the careful use of sound and voiceover throughout a presentation can not only make you stand out from the crowd, it can also increase your chance of delivering an effective presentation. Here are some top tips for using presentation audio.
1. Audio Adds a Professional Sound
Whether you’re in a business pitch, job interview or company meeting, making yourself seem as professional as possible is always a winner. By using audio, you can help make your presentation sound extra slick in a way that will be sure to impress whoever you’re pitching to.
2. The Power of Audio Testimonials
These can be used in a variety of presentation environments. If you’re pitching to a potential client, why not play a couple of audio testimonials from the happy customers you already have. Hearing other businesses enthuse about your services will make your offer instantly more trustworthy.
Alternatively, if you’re doing a presentation as part of a job interview, why not get your past employers and work colleagues to provide audio references. Hearing your former boss’ voice will lend their words a lot more power than if the interviewer simply read them on a page.
3. Audio Logos Can Capture Your Brand
An audio logo is a short sonic image that captures the essence of a brand. Just think of the McDonald’s ‘I’m loving it’ sound or Intel’s ‘leap ahead’ logo. At their best, an audio logo can encapsulate everything that your brand stands for – something that any prospective client or buyer will want to know. Firstly, make sure you have an audio logo and then use it strategically throughout your presentation for maximum effect.
4. Audio Makes You Stand Out
If you’re presenting to a potential client or employer, the chances are that yours is not the only presentation they’ll sit through that day. By using audio throughout your presentation, you’ll be sure to stand out from the crowd in a way that demonstrates your professionalism, creativity and attention to detail.

5. Audio Can Help If You’re Not A Natural Presenter

If you’re not a natural presenter or you get nervous doing pitches, using audio is a great way to help make your presentation engaging and original without placing too much pressure on yourself to deliver your best performance. For example, if you’re nervous about extolling your own virtues, use audio testimonials from previous clients or employers to do it for you.


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