Using Audio To Enhance Film

Businesses are waking up to the power of video to communicate their message. From online adverts, customer testimonials to in-house productions for staff messages or events, video is continuing to gain relevance. Yet oftentimes the difference between a bad video and a good video is nothing to do with the picture quality or production values at all – it’s all about the audio. Whether it’s pairing your brand with the wrong music, bad audio levels or using amateur voice artists, it’s important not to let your video’s poor audio undermine the message you are trying to communicate to your customers.

If you’d like an example of just how good audio can enhance a video – check out this fabulous video from which is not only great fun to watch also illustrates the transformative effect of professionally made audio:

Pretty cool, eh? It just goes to show how important good audio can be when trying to produce a great video. And it doesn’t just apply to movies, in fact it’s especially important when you’re trying to sell your brand – poor audio quality will make your business look unprofessional, no matter how good the rest of the video is.

Therefore, when making videos for business use, make sure you invest in quality audio. Be it through top quality sound editing software, or through outsourcing it to professionals like ourselves, make sure you don’t let your video down with poor audio.

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